IP-QC software for predicting effective factors on recombinant protein production based on artificial neural networks and circular dichroism (CD)



1. This software as an appropriate IP-QC tools in quality control process of recombinant protein chemical drags in order to evaluate the accuracy of spatial structure and protein yield in the downstream stage of production(after final production in the fermenter and prior to testing on animals for human consumption confirmed) with wide application. The suggested method is a powerful tool for analysis and forecasts for non-experts. The results showed that aspactor has been measured by an unknown sample can be used as a linear combination of several elements of the aspactor organizer.

2. This software will play an important role in widespread production in recombinant proteins chemical drugs.

3. The introduced software provides ability of prediction for input samples and data process.

4. This software can establish the neural network structure consists of hidden layer, nodes and internal and external layers using spectral data before and after the addition of the reagents in different wavelengths of ultraviolet light includes an initial reagent concentration added to the recombinant protein chemical drugs and application of them in the process of output prediction by using of the training series.

5. This software is a predictive analyzer tool and applied for widespread use by researchers and manufacturers in addition to raising the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process of recombinant proteins chemical drugs (with medicinal and industrial uses) costs and time consumption to a minimum brings.

The remarkable thing is that this IP-QC software, has a wide range of application in all recombinant protein products chemical drugs in various industries, especially the pharmaceutical industry.

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